Band new looking Nazoom web site is launched.

Nazoom is global business
consulting company.

Nazoom is the company doing Nippon (Japan) and
Americas ZOOM in/out.

Overlooking down Nippon and Americas (Zoom out),
or take care very details (Zoom in).

Nazoom is Business Consulting company, located in
Silicon Valley, California.

Our philosophy is:

Nazoom does our best to contribute to both Americas/Japan
by bringing superior business/technology
from Americas to Japan or vice versa.

What Nazoom does?

Fund raising support

■ We bring investors for startup companies.
  • ・Especially Japanese strategic investors or VCs.
    • _They may become business partner in Japan.
    • _We support business development.
  • ・Negotiation with potential investors to make things happen.

Business in Japan

■ We support US companies to start the business in Japan. We do it from scratch with hands-on.
  • ・Marketing
    • _Market research
    • _Set the target market/customer
    • _Exhibit at trade show
    • _Find prospective customers
  • ・Sales
    • _Contact customers/Meeting/Follow up
    • _Get PO, deliver the product (Export/Import)
    • _Service after delivery
  • ・Set the sales channel
    • _Distributor
    • _Business partner
  • ・IP Licensing
    • _Negotiate terms & conditions
    • _Support engineering work
  • ・Bring investors
    • _Distributor, Business partner or Licensee could be potential investor. They may prefer to make strong bonding relationship by investment.
    • _We facilitate such opportunity and make things happen.

Business development support

■ We work with client with hands-on for Business Development.
  • ・Monetize
  • ・Define the strength of the company and brush it up
  • ・M&A to acquire customer base
  • ・Find the market there is needs
  • ・Dig the buried technology or business seeds inside the company
    or organization and commercialize it.

Fund operation

■ We manage venture fund.
  • ・Find appropriate investment target
  • ・Negotiate terms & conditions of investment
  • ・Execution
  • ・Startup support

Our clients

YOTEC support-and-service
LIGHTLOUVER daylignting-system

Company information

  • ■Company name: Nazoom, LLC
  • ■located in:
    Silicon Valley, California
  • ■Contact us
    Tel: (650) 814-8453


Mitch Yanase

Started Nazoom in 2007 and supported many companies for various field.
It's fun for him to work with energized startup companies.
Mitch worked for ITX International, which is Silicon Valley VC, prior to Nazoom. Made good investment such as AltaSens, which was spun off company from Rockwell Scientific, and run the company as top management. Prior to ITX, Mitch was working for Nichimen, who was conglomaret Japanese general trading firm, and he developed cross cultural business.